Myawaddy, August (5)

The Karen National Union (KNU) and the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA) verbally agreed to reunification, according to a statement from the leaders of the two groups.

The officials, including the Defense Department’s in-charge and the Secretary General from the KNU side and the DKBA’s Chief of Staff and Quartermaster General agreed on five points at the meeting held on August 3.

Among those decisions, a commander from the KNU and DKBA’s chief of staff General Saw Steel agreed to coordinate and handle the matter of the Kawthoolei Army led by Brigadier General Saw Ne Dar Mya.

In addition, they verbally agreed to reunify the KNU and DKBA and designate a temporary badge marking the unity of the troops on both sides.

It was agreed to hold the meeting once a month if possible and to revoke 1/94 statement issued by the KNU center for the DKBA.

In order to end the enemy’s offensive, DKBA’s chief of staff, General Steel, will try to hold talks with the military council, and if the junta refuses to negotiate and launch a massive offensive, the DKBA and KNA will agreed to cooperate together.

However, on August 4, DKBA Chief of Staff, General Saw Steel announced that the above-mentioned agreement was not DKBA’s opinion at all.

The Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA) is a Karen armed group that has signed the NCA and has stationed in Soneseemyaing village, Myaddy District, Karen State, and that held peace talks with the military council.

Than Lwin Times’s calls to the leaders of both groups about the talk between KNU and DKBA went unanswered.

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