Kyaikto, August (5)

The military council in Kyaikto Township issued an order that if two men ride on a motorbike together, they will be arrested and taken action, the local sources told Than Lwin Times.

On August 4, the regime’s administrative members warned that two men are prohibited from riding on the same motorcycle in the villages.

The announcement said that two men are not allowed to ride a motorcycle; a man is not allowed to ride in the backseat driven by a woman; and one or two women can ride a motorcycle.

The military council has banned two men from riding together on a single motorcycle since August 5, but it is not yet clear how the action will be taken.

A local resident said that due to the military council’s ban on motorcycles, ordinary people may have difficulties in their livelihood and travel.

The new restrictions on motorbikes were imposed in Kyaikto Township after the military informants and regime forces were assassinated.

News – Than Lwin Times

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