Lamaing, August (5)

U Win Aung, the chairman of the philanthropic youth group, said he will search for the truth about the murder of a young volunteer from Lamaing in Mon State’s Ye Township.

The young man was shot dead when he approached the police station, and the police contacted the philanthropic youth group to take him to the hospital at around 11 pm on July 31.

Maung Lin Aung, who was shot dead near Naung Daw Gyi Pagoda when he parted ways with other charity members and returned home at around 11 o’clock at night.

According to the residents, two gunshots rang out near Naugn Daw Gyi Pagoda on the night of the incident, where blood spots and shoes were scattered, and a man got out of a car and put the body into it.

The police station is six furlong away from the place where the incident took place, near the pagoda.

U Win Aung said that the Lamaing police station has not done anything for Maung Lin Aung’s case and has no responsibility.

Therefore, U Win Aung requested that all the organizations in Mon State, as well as Nai La Yi Tama and Dr. Banya Aung Moe from the Mon Unity Party, who are serving under the military council, engage in the investigation of the shooting death of Maung Lin Aung.

The 21-year-old Maung Lin Aung, who was shot and killed, had no political activities and was a cool young man who worked as a carpenter and a bricklayer.

The New Ramanya Federal Force (NRFF) condemned the death of Maung Lin Aung as an attempt by the military council to threaten and rule the local people with weapons and as one of the war crimes committed by the military council against the people of the entire country.

The southern Mon State Defense Force (MSDF) also said that the regime troops view the youth as enemies and are killing innocent youth for no reason.

Therefore, the MSDF has announced that the Mon youth and the communities will not be safe as long as the military regime exists, and they have urged the public to fight against the military dictatorship, adding that they will oppose the military council who are arbitrarily killing Mon minorities.

News – Than Lwin Times

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