Myawaddy, August (6)

The military council has been violating human rights by targeting civilians; hence, the number of displaced has increased in KNU-controlled areas, the Karen civil organizations said.

The regime-allied BGF (Border Guard Force) has conducted air raids, mortar shelling, arrests and killings of the villagers, forcing more residents to flee.

According to the data released by the Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN), during a year and a half of the military coup, the number of refugees fleeing in the KNU-controlled area has increased to over 300,000.

“The military council, which continues to violate human rights, should not be recognized by the international community, putting an embargo on sale of weapons,” according to Naw Wah Khuu Shi, a spokesperson for the Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN).

Nearly 160,000 local civilians have currently fled to safer areas in the KNU Brigade 3 Nyaung Lay Bin District, as a result of the regime’s violations of human rights and military operations, which have led to at least 15 civilian deaths.

A member of the local Karen social affairs in Nyaung Lay Bin District said that the junta army has committed serious human rights violations by killing everyone they see during the battle.

Due to the armed conflict, people are currently seeking shelter in relief camps and in dire need of humanitarian aid.

News – Than Lwin Times

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