Demoso, August (7)

The ration convoys of the military council are frequently attacked in Karenni State, so the food is delivered with the protection of military columns, the Local People’s Defense Force told Than Lwin Times.

The military council army previously used hijet cars and military vehicles to deliver food in Karenni State, where the fighting between the two sides is fierce, but now they are using large numbers of troops to deliver food.

According to a member of the PDF, army foodstuffs were now being delivered in columns after junta convoys frequently encountered intercepted attacks.

“The logistical methods of the military council have changed. They don’t dare to sneak like before, they have to march in columns,” he said.

At present, the PDFs in Karenni State have prevented the junta troops from receiving food in the area under their control.

In July, the military council used helicopters to supply food to its troops who had been cut off.

There are ongoing battles between the PDFs and military forces in Karenni State after the military seized power, and the junta relinquished control of some areas.

News – Than Lwin Times

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