Mawlamyine, August (7)

Mon State reported nearly 2,000 dengue fever infection cases in seven months from January to July, with three children dead, according to the military regime’s Mon State Public Health Department.

Most of the cases were detected between May and July, when nearly 100 children were infected with the disease each week.

Children aged between five and nine are most affected. Three children, two from Kyaikto and one from Ye, lost their lives as a result of delayed medical treatment.

Dengue fever cases have significantly increased compared to last year and have become more severe, so a general practitioners urge the public to pay special attention if children are sick.

The doctor warned that “If children get sick after being bitten by a mosquito that can cause dengue fever, they need to go to the hospital in time. If they don’t go to the hospital, they will develop life-threatening symptoms such as hemorrhage and shock within four to seven days after becoming sick and may die”.

Dengue fever is more infected this year than previous year, hence, the water pots should be covered with lids, and the water inside should be emptied, changed, and filtered to prevent mosquito breeding. Besides, children also need to be protected from mosquito bites, the doctors said.

Mon State has the third highest number of cases of dengue fever in Myanmar, with the highest incidences occurring in Mawlamyine, Chaungsone, and Thanbyuzayat townships.

News – Than Lwin Times

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