Nyaunglaybin, August (9)

According to the Karen National Union (KNU), military council forces have been targeting and kidnapping residents, including children, in Mon Township, Nyaunglaybin District, which is controlled by KNU, in recent days.

On August 6, the military council troops arrested 8 residents, including 3 children, from the village of Tatkone village in Mone Township, detained them in a house in the village, and threatened them not to try to escape or to shoot them if they did, according to KNU’s statement.

However, eight local residents who were arrested tried to escape after hearing gunshots near their sites, the KNU said.

The military council troops took 15,000,000 Kyats from the locals on August 4 after arresting 25 residents of the school group village of Meetaing and Kyaungsu villages in Mone Township.

The 25 locals are in custody at No.590 Light Infantry Battalion and have not been released until now.

Currently, local people are facing interrogations and arrests by junta troops on their way to sell their agricultural produce.

The KNU reported that a 20-year-old woman from Lainpin village was hurt as a result of heavy weapon fire by the junta army during a clash with KNU Brigade 3 on August 7 in Kyaukgyi Township, Nyaunglaybin District.

News – Than Lwin Times

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