Mawlamyine, August (9)

The military council has announced in recent days that it will take action against two men riding on a same motorcycle together in Kyaikto, Belin and Ye Townships of Mon State under existing laws.

A Belin resident said that due to the military council’s restrictions, there will be difficulties in traveling and health issues, and livelihoods may be affected.

“”It was difficult for the driver when it was specified that the passenger should be a girl, not a boy. The income is reduced by half. If the fuel costs are deducted, there is not much left,” he said.

A ban on riding a motorcycle with two men was imposed after the military forces and regime departments were frequently attacked.

In Ye Township, the military council has restricted access to some streets and around their departmental office.

People are facing difficulties in travelling around, and there are delays in getting to work because of the junta’s ban on motorcycles riding.

At present, the military council has issued a curfew from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. under Section 144 in Kyaikto, Belin and Ye Townships and tightened security.

News – Than Lwin Times

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