Taninthari, August (9)

More than 200 civilians were killed and almost 90 were injured in Tanintharyi Region within a year and a half of the military coup, the research group, Southern Monitor told Than Lwin Times.

Among the dead are those who were killed by the military council army and its subordinate groups, as well as those who were killed on suspicion of informing the military council.

According to the information officer for the Southern Monitor, civilian deaths drastically increased between April and June of this year.

Within a year and a half in the wake of the military coup, more than 140 cases of assassinations and civilian deaths occurred in Tanintharyi.

Meanwhile, 93 homes were burned down and destroyed, most of which were in Palaw, Thayat Chaung and Taninthari Townships.

During the coup, there were 133 clashes between the junta and the PDFs, and 219 bombings and landmine attacks.

According to the Southern Monitor, more than 17,000 residents are currently fleeing to neighboring jungles and safe shelters as a result of conflict between the two sides.

News – Than Lwin Times

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