Thayetchaung, August (11)

In recent days, heavy rain and flood occurs in Taungpyauk area in Tanintharyi Region, causing difficulties in the livelihood of people fleeing the war, the rescue workers told Than Lwin Times.

As a result of the Taungpyauk district’s severe rains, the water level has increased and reached the refugees’ tents, making it difficult for them to live, and they are in need of shelter and struggling to receive food.

“Now, we cannot transport food because of the floods, and there are not enough shelters. In some places, we are being displaced because of the water coming in,” said a rescue worker said.

Additionally, he added, it is challenging to seek assistance and there aren’t many people who can help because the military council has cut off some phone and internet access.

At least 20 cases of malaria and seasonal flu have been reported among the people fleeing the conflict, who are facing an inadequate supply of medicine.

Due to conflicts between the junta army and the PDFs following the military coup, over 6,000 local inhabitants have fled the Taungpyauk area and are unable to return to their homes.

News – Than Lwin Times

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