Demoso, August (11)

The Karenni State Police declared that they had freed seven inmates in commemoration of the 74th Karenni National Resistance Day and the anniversary of the Four Eights Uprising.

The Karenni State Police said in a statement that seven prisoners were released as a humanitarian act after signing a bond.

The pardoned prisoners were arrested on drug charges, theft, and robbery, and were released from detention on August 9.

In July, the Karenni State Police has granted amnesty to 24 detainees after signing a bond.

The Karenni State Police is made up of policemen who joined the CDM after the military coup, and is currently detaining more than 100 prisoners.

Among them, military informants and supporters, non-CDM staff and those arrested for drug, theft and robbery are also included.

According to the Karenni State Police, most of those arrested were kept under a kind of house arrest and were allowed to talk to their families on the phone.

News – Than Lwin Times

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