Sittwe, August (12)

The Spokesperson of the Arakan Army (AA), Khaing Thukha, warned that if Rakhine State’s military council continues to harm to the people as per the will of the military council, they will deal with it as necessary according to Rakhita’s way.

Khaing Thukha made this warning at the fourth press conference of the Arakan Army (ULA/AA) held on August 11.

Khaing Thukha said that the military council has applied a four-cut strategy to the Rakhine people, cutting off financial support, food and medicine, information, and integration with the public.

The military council has set up 15 checkpoints on the Sittwe-Ann highway in Rakhine State and is strictly checking, as well as restricting travel, the flow of goods, and the transportation of foodstuffs.

Therefore, Khaing Thu Kha warned that if the Rakhine State’s military council continues to cause harm to the people of Rakhine according to the instructions of the military regime, the AA will deal with it as necessary in accordance with the way of Rakhita for the needs of the revolution and public security.

In Rakhine State, local residents say that there are signs of renewed fighting between the junta army and the Arakan Army (AA).

News – Than Lwin Times

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