Thaton, August (12)

 Due to the increase in the number of students in the schools under KNU-controlled areas, there is a need for teaching materials, including stationery, classrooms and furniture, the officials from the education department of KNU’s Thaton District said.

Students who were enrolled in military council’s schools have transferred to those run by the Education Department of KNU, with at least 5,000 students in this academic year alone.

With the increase in the number of students in schools under KNU, there is a shortage of teaching materials, including stationery, classrooms, furniture, and a high demand for food for the boarding students.

“We need accommodation for students and had to extend the building, as well as chairs and tables. The students are staying in the boarding schools, so they need more food,” the head of the education department of the KNU Brigade-1 (Thaton District) said.

He added that although the Karen National Union KNU has provided support, there are still needs in the schools.

The high school and middle school students live in boarding schools under KNU.

Currently, there is a greater demand for food assistance for students in boarding schools due to the challenges of transportation and the high cost of commodities.

KNU-affiliated schools teach the curriculum set by the KNU Department of Education, including the guidelines of the authorities.

There are more than 150 self-reliant schools, including KNU schools, in the area of KNU’s Thaton District, with more than 10,000 students.

News-Than Lwin Times

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