Nyaunglaybin, August (13)

There have been seven clashes between the regime troops and the KNLA/KNDO in the Karen National Union (KNU)-controlled area of ​​Nyaunglaybin District this week, the KNU reported.

On August 10, the military council had a fight with KNLA Battalion 8 between Taepaw and Karen Myat Ye villages in Mone Township of Nayunglaybin District, killing nine military personnel.

Besides, other clashes occurred between them on August 5 and August 6 at Kyoebinseik military camp in KNU’s Mone Township, killing one soldier. Similarly, a warrant officer and a private were also killed in the battle near the village of Hngatpyawtaw.

In Lainpin and Pethaung villages of KNU’s Kyaukgyi Township, there were two clashes between regime forces and KNLA Battalion 9/KNDO Battalion 3 on August 7, killing 13 and injuring six on the junta side.

The KNU said that 24 people were killed and 7 were wounded, including Major Wai Myo Aung, a deputy battalion commander, on August 8 amid ongoing battles between junta armed forces and the KNU’s allied forces in Kyaukgyi Township.

The military council, which suffered heavy losses, conducted air raids five times with two jets, and the KNLA/KNDO retaliated by hitting one of the fighter jets, which was forced to land at a school in Kanyinkyoe village due to engine failure.

The military council, which suffered heavy losses in Kyaukgyi Township, launched motor shelling into the villages since August 10, and a local woman was killed in the attack, the KNU said.

News-Than Lwin Times

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