Demoso, August (13)

The military council has coordinated with some ethnic armed organizations and invited the people fleeing the conflict to return to their homes, the People’s Defense Forces told Than Lwin Times.

In order to show the world community that their administration is functional and that the area is peaceful, the military council is extending an invitation to the refugees to return.

The local defense forces refuse to reveal which ethnic armed organizations are coordinating with the military council on the issue of repatriation of people fleeing the war.

Due to the invitation of the military council and other ethnic armed formations, some war refugees have returned home.

The Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF)’s spokesman warned that due to the ongoing military tension between the two sides, a battle could break out at any time and warned that if one did, civilians might be abducted by the military council. He urged civilians to stay away from their homes until the area was calm.

Three days ago, the KNDF Battalion 3 issued an emergency warning to residents who are returning to Demoso Township, where the military council is based, to leave as soon as possible and not to cooperate with the military council.

More than 200,000 local people have fled due to the fighting between the junta armed forces and PDFs in Karenni State after the military took power.

News – Than Lwin Times

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