Kawkayeik, August (16)

 The Karen National Union (KNU) reported that 12 security personnel, including a police major, were killed in the fighting in Kawkayeik, Karen State, and weapons and ammunition were also seized.

Around 10 am on August 15, a combined team of resistance forces together with White Dragon Column attacked the police stations and security forces at Myanmar Economic Bank.

During the attack, 12 people, including a police major, were killed, one lawyer and one office staff were captured alive, and six weapons were confiscated.

“If you join us, nothing will be a problem. So come and join us. Do not join the military council. I want to say that if you join them, you will be in trouble again and become like this,” said Major Saw Kyaw Thet.

Locals reported that after the fighting, the military council opened fire on villages near the KNU-controlled town of Kawkayeik with heavy weapons, injuring at least one civilian.

News – Than Lwin Times

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