Demoso, August (17)

The Karenni State has suffered from high prices of commodities and losing access to basic food supplies, challenging the displaced people with food insecurity within a week, the aid workers told Than Lwin Times.

During a year and a half after the military seized power in a coup, the price of rice has doubled along with the junta’s strict restrictions, the people cannot buy rice as much as they want.

Moreover, the price of gasoline soared to over 3,500 Ks per litre and there is not enough fuel to transport the food supplies.

The mobile clinics can no longer provide services and heath care programs due to the scarcity of fuel oil.

Due to conflict between the junta armed forces and PDFs following the military coup, almost 200,000 locals have evacuated to relief camps and shelters in Karenni State.

News – Than Lwin Times

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