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The fake news spreading on social media about the people’s revolution movement in the wake

of the military coup will be checked and verified through the Real vs. Fake News program.

Today, we will check the report, “Bodies of CDF members, weapons discovered in Tedim Township’s Haihmwa village” that was circulated on social media by the military supporters.

This report was surfaced on Telegram accounts of military lobbyists Kyaw Swar and Fifty Two News.

“When the security forces cleared the areas in Tedim Township’s Haihmwa village around 12:30 on the 15th of August, the male and female bodies of CDF (Chinland Defense Force) members, one pistol, one air gun, one suit of combat uniform, some equipment and two talking devices were discovered,” said in the propaganda news of the fake accounts of supporters of the military council.

The Telegram links of military lobbyists Kyaw Swar and Fifty Two News which are spreading the fake news are as follow.


Upon checking the content, Than Lwin Times revealed that the military council was spreading propaganda while hiding the true story.

The junta armed forces opened fire on the homes of the villagers and spread the misinformation that the local people have been framed that they were People’s Defense Force (PDP) and Chinland Defense Force (CDF) and were captured along with weapons.

Regarding the incident, Than Lwin Times found that Chin World, local news agency, citing “civilians were injured due to the reckless shooting of junta forces and two people were arrested in Tedim Township’s Haihmwa village.”

Meanwhile, the Interim Chin National Consultative Council (ICNCC) has also released a report that two an innocent citizen was injured due to the indiscriminate shooting by the junta troops, two people arbitrarily arrested and eight houses burnt down in Haihmwa village of Tedim Township on the 14th of August ,2022.

You can read these reports by clicking the following links.

Chin World


Interim Chin National Consultative Council (ICNCC)


Therefore, Than Lwin Times has revealed that the report “Bodies of CDF members, weapons discovered in Tedim Township’s Haihmwa village” spread by military supporters, was a fake news hiding the true story.

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