Dawei Eastern Defense Force develops 40 mm, 60 mm mortars


Dawei, August (18)

The Eastern Defense Force (EDF), a resistance group in Dawei Township, Tanintharyi Region, announced on August 17 that it has developed long-range 40 mm and 60 mm mortars.

It took some time to develop 40 mm and 60 mm mortars and the EDF has succeeded in testing the production of cannon and mortar shells.

The EDF told Than Lwin Times that they would be able to resist the regime forces to some extent in the following battles since they could securely assemble heavy weapons.

The Eastern Defense Force EDF plans to produce more weapons and share them with its allied PDFs.

However, EDF needs fuel, gun powder and raw materials for the production of weapons, so people are encouraged to contribute as much as they can to topple the military dictator.

The Eastern Defense Force (EDF) has fought at least four times with the military council after the military coup, killing nearly 20 members of the regime forces and seizing 1 weapon.

News – Than Lwin Times


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