Thaton, August (18)

The Karen National Union (KNU) announced that there are more than 350,000 people who have fled the conflict in KNU’s Kawthoolei area and are in need of humanitarian assistance.

There are daily clashes in Kawthoolei administrative area: Thaton District’s Brigade 1, Taungoo District’s Brigade 2, Nyaunglaybin District’s Brigade 3, Myeik-Dawei District’s Brigade 4, Mutraw District’s Brigade 5 and Dooplaya District’s Brigade 6.

In KNU-administered districts, there are 356,000 displaced persons in total: more than 94,000 displaced persons in Thaton District, nearly 7,600 in Taungoo District, over 60,000 in Nyaunglaybin District, about 6,000 in Myeik-Dawei, 96,000 in Mutraw District, and 90,000 in Dooplaya District. Moreover, there are still a number of refugees who have not yet been registered, the KNU said.

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the Karen National Defence Force (KNDO) are taking care of the accommodation, meals, health care and security of the displaced persons.

The Karen National Union (KNU) has declared that any person or group that wishes to assist the people escaping the war is welcome as the number of people fleeing the conflict rises, there is a need for food and shelter for those fleeing the fighting.

News – Than Lwin Times

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