Myawaddy, August (19)

The military council temporarily closed the Myawaddy trade zone due to the intense fighting between the junta-allied Border Guard Force (BGF) and a combined force of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) in Karen State’s Kawkayeik Township, the sources told from trade zone Than Lwin Times.

The BGF has been clashing with KNLA around Dawna Range and Three Mountains Hill since the afternoon of August 18.

The military council temporarily closed the trade zone after reports that the fighting could reach the Myawaddy trade area, which is the Thai-Myanmar trade zone.

According to a source, regime troops entered the trading zone at around 1:00 pm and issued warnings to the people to remove the cars and agents as soon as possible. As a result, everyone left, and the area is now deserted.

There are still some junta troops and staff in the Myawaddy trade zone. Traders say border trade has reportedly come to a halt due to the closure of the trade zone.

Myanmar exports agricultural products, including corn, to Thailand through the Myawaddy border and imports basic foodstuffs, medicine, cosmetics, consumer goods and raw materials for construction from there.

News – Than Lwin Times

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