Hpapun, August (19)

As regime forces have extended their military presence and replenished food pantries at bases in KNU Brigade 5 of Hpapun District, there are daily clashes, the sources from KNU told Than Lwin Times.

The junta has conducted military operations while reinforcing troops with food supplies since the first week of August.

The military council and its allied force, BGF, have clashed with the resistance forces under KNLA Brigade 5 because of the junta’s ongoing operations.

The KNU’s Brigade 5 said there were 53 clashes between its forces and regime forces, killing 43 and injuring 17 others on the junta side.

A comrade from KNLA Brigade 5 was killed in the attack, and two civilians were wounded by the indiscriminate shooting of the junta into the fields and villages.

Local civilians are fleeing their homes, and the number of internally displaced persons is growing as a result of the targeted attack by the military forces and BGF forces on the villages and farming areas, the aid workers who assist the IDPs said.

There are currently more than 96,000 people who have fled the conflict in Hpapun District, so they are struggling with food insecurity, according to KNU.

News – Than Lwin Times

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