Yangon, August (21)

Zhejiang Tongli Clothing (Myanmar) Co.Ltd, a factory owned by Chinese nationals, threatened and sacked around 100 employees who holds National Registration Cards issued by Sagaing and Magway Regions,  the sources who assist workers told Than Lwin Times.

This company manufactures the world-famous H&M brand of clothing, and people close to the military council often comes to the factory.

In addition, on July 30, the factory supervisors forced workers from Sagaing and Magway to quit after they were paid on August 1.

“The company officials threatened the workers that if the relevant authorities come to inspect, they would have to hand over the workers who have not yet quit. The workers came to our Federation of General Workers Myanmar (FGWN) to ask for help,” Ma Ei Ei Phyu, an official of FGWN told Than Lwin Times.

She said that the factory is seriously violating workers’ rights and does not pay compensation to those who have been fired.

In addition, the website of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations does not mention the information of that factory.

The FGWN asked H&M to help the workers who have been fired, and said it would disclose the subsequent outcomes.

The factory officials have not answered Than Lwin Times’s calls for comment regarding the issue.

News – Than Lwin Times

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