Belin, August (21)

The military council instructed the police force and administrative officials to collect personal data of members of the People’s Defense Forces in Belin Township, the sources familiar with the matter told Than Lwin Times.

The military council recently met with village and ward officials in Belin Township at the township administrative office, and instructed to have a list of PDF members.

The junta also asked the administrators to submit the lists collected and to inform them when the PDF members return home.

Furthermore, the military regime ordered the police and local authorities to arrest PDF comrades, and threatened the police to transfer to conflict-hit areas if they failed to do so.

The junta also instructed the officials to arrest the two men who were riding on the same motorcycle or if a man was riding in the backseat driven by a waoman, and shoot them if they wouldn’t accept the inspection.

After regime forces were frequently attacked by the military council in Belin Township in the wake of a military coup, the military council declared that it would take legal action against anyone who violated the prohibition against two men riding on a single motorcycle or a man riding in the backseat of a cycle driven by a woman.

News – Than Lwin Times

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