Thaton, August (22)

Due to the general crisis during one-and-a-half years after the military takeover, more than 70% of the near-shore fishing business in Mon State’s Thaton District ceased operations, the fishing businessmen told Than Lwin Times.

The coastal fishing industry stopped due to the sharp increase in the price of fuel oil and fishing equipment and a significant decrease in the fish supply after the coup.

“In the past, it cost only Ks 500,000 to go fishing. At the moment, it costs kS 1,000,000 to Ks 1,200,000. We had to stop because we lost money and could not operate in the long run,” said a businessman.

Environmentalists say that after the military coup, illegal fishing near the coast, such as cyanide fishing and fishing with prohibited gear, has led to a shortage of fish resources.

On the other hand, the price of the fish obtained from the near-shore fishing industry is not as good as expected for export.

Families who depend on coastal fishing are now doing odd jobs; the majority of them migrate to Thailand illegally to seek job opportunities.

In the Thaton District, there are at least 400 near-shore fishing businesses, and thousands of people are dependent on them.

News – Than Lwin Times

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