Tanintharyi, August (24)

The People’s Defense Force in Tanintharyi announced on August 23 that three PDF comrades were killed and three were wounded in a Kawmapyin battle that broke out between regime forces and a joint team of PDFs.

On the 19th and 20th of August, the junta forces invaded Kawmapyin village and clashed seven times with the PDF alliance, including the Southern Warriors Defense Force (SWDF) and non-aligned Guerrilla Force.

In the battle, two PDFs lost their lives and three were injured, while at least five junta soldiers died, the statement said.

The fighting paused after the regime forces suffered heavy losses and retreated, a source from SWDF told Than Lwin Times.

Having suffered losses, the junta armed forces reportedly retreated to Theinaw village.

Amid the military operations, regime forces arrested the villagers and set the houses on fire.

Although the army retreated from the military council, the local residents who had fled due to the fighting in Kawmapyin village still did not dare return to their homes.

There is ongoing fighting between the forces of the military council and PDFs after the coup, forcing nearly 10,000 to flee.

News – Than Lwin Times

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