Mawlamyine, August (24)

In more than a year and a half since the military coup, orphanages and charity schools are no longer able to serve meat dishes, and the children are only fed boiled rice and gruel instead of powdered milk and meat dishes, said a monk who founded the orphanage.

“The number of donors has decreased by half. In the past, I was able to feed the children meat dishes daily. Now we have to feed them vegetables. Infants are fed boiled rice and rice water instead of powdered milk.

Orphanages are no longer accepting new orphans due to food shortages, and they are struggling to feed the existing children every day.

Another monk said that after the military coup, the children were fed boiled beans and fish paste instead of meat, and there had run out of food.

Currently, the officials of orphanages and charity schools are unable to provide health care for children as they prioritize the children’s food and education.

The children need books for the whole year, and the teachers are having trouble getting regular allowances, said the abbot.

The abbots said that if this situation continues, orphanages and charitable schools may be temporarily closed.

News – Than Lwin Times

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