Yangon, August (25)

During the assassination of the regime’s administrators and informants, incidences of wrongful killing would be probed, according to U Naing Htoo Aung, secretary of the NUG’s Ministry of Defense.

U Naing Htoo Aung said that NUG will provide awareness program and guidance so that targets are not attacked by mistake.

“We have instructed to target only those who should be killed. Now we have heard that they made a mistake in eliminating military informants. We will investigate this matter in detail. We will analyze if it was an intentional attack or if it was due to negligence without any intention? Or was it an accident? Then we will take action according to the regulations,” he said.

The case is still being investigated because it was a time of revolution and it was difficult to access all the organizations involved in the armed revolution.

Yangon-based revolutionary forces say they will continue their operations unabated, although it will become more difficult to exterminate the administrators from areas where martial law has been issued.

After the military coup in Myanmar, the underground revolutionary forces and the armed forces have wiped out the administrators, so-called military informants.

A PDF comrade said they had to exterminate the administrators because most of them were lackeys of the military council, oppressing and exploiting the people and giving information to arrest revolutionary activists.

Almost 20 military informants and administrators were assassinated during August, about ten of them were from Yangon Region.

On the morning of August 23, a man and a woman were accidentally killed in Kangkok Ward, Chan Ayethazan Township, Mandalay by an underground resistance force who thought they were a CID police officer and his wife.

The National Unity Government told Than Lwin Times that it will record such incidents and take action in any possible way.

News- Than Lwin Times

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