Mawlamyinem August (27)

According to the operators, nearly 70% of trucks have ceased operations in the year and a half since the military coup due to skyrocketing fuel prices.

The price of diesel has risen from over 2,000 kyats per liter last week to 3,300 kyats and gasoline prices have climbed to 2,500 kyats per liter.

The flow of commodities has been delayed more than previously as a result of the soaring gasoline prices, and the cost of basic foods like rice, oil, and onions has nearly tripled as well.

A housewife said she is struggling to make ends meet with increased food prices.

The average cost of fuel in the first week of August was only 2,000 kyats per liter, but once the Central Bank set the dollar exchange rate at 2,100 kyats, the price of gasoline increased.

The military council has listed the reference price of various types of diesel fuel from 3,225 kyats to 3,515 kyats per liter and gasoline from 2495 kyats to 3,050 kyats per liter in their propaganda newspaper issued on August 26. However, local residents say that they are paying more than the set price on the ground.

On the other hand, as the price of fuel has risen exponentially, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Mon State have also stopped, while some businesses are struggling to continue operating.

News – Than Lwin Times

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