Yangon, August (27)

Since the military coup in Myanmar, looting has been happening every day, but the regime’s law enforcement forces are only concerned about their safety and they can no longer protect the people, the analysts said.

People are robbed of their wallets, mobile phones, and valuables every day while they go out, and there are gang robberies and pickpocketing on buses.

A lawyer said people are suffering the consequences of releasing people who have been jailed for criminal thefts while the authorities try to keep politicians in custody.

He also said that since the police are giving priority to arresting the revolutionary forces involved in urban attacks and punishing those who are detained, they have become weak in dealing with people’s security issues.

“The rule of law is no longer here. Now, the motorbikes of three lawyers from Magway Court have been stolen. We can’t afford anything, “he added.

He pointed out that since the defense forces and urban guerrillas are targeting the policemen who are oppressing the revolutionary forces in collaboration with the army, the policemen are only concerned about their own safety and are no longer able to protect the people.

He also said that the repression of the military council and the high commodity prices started the theft and robbery in Myanmar.

Under the NLD government, theft and robbery rarely happen, and people are living comfortably. Now, robberies occurred on a daily basis in places like Yangon under the military council which utilized lethal force to intimidate the people.

News – Than Lwin Times

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