Thanzayat, August (28)

The military council has arrested six young men and filed a case against them for their alleged involvement in the shooting of the police station in Thanphyuzayat, Mon State, sources close to the regime told Than Lwin Times.

On August 17, four members of the PDF (Thanphyuzayat) riding 2 motorcycles attacked the police station.

After the attack, on August 25, the military council detained Ko Lin Hthut Win (b) Ko Pu from Kyantkhineye ward, then Ko Zeya Oo, Sett Naing Win, Ko Tun Tun Lin, Ko Zaw Oo, and Win Min Tun were arrested.

A local said that the young men mentarrested by the military council are just ordinary people and are not involved in any resistance groups.

The military council opened a case against the 6 youths at Thanphyuzayat police station under Sections 50(a) and 50(i) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, which carries maximum life imprisonment. They are now under investigation.

One member of PDF and at least two policemen were killed in the attack on Thanphyu police station.

News – Than Lwin Times

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