Thaton, August (28)

On August 27, the KNU’s Alliance Supervision Committee (Thaton) announced that they will take severe action against those who threaten to extort money from the people under the pretext of revolution in the territory of KNU Brigade 1.

The committee statement came after some gangs of people extorted money from businessmen on the pretext of revolution in KNU-held Thaton District of Kyaikto, Belin and Thaton.

The committee stated that any threats of this kind should be reported immediately to the committee, and that if the offenders are identified, severe punishment will be taken.

The chairman of KNU Brigade 1’s Alliance Supervision Committee (Thaton) said “We are probing whether they are doing it for their own benefit while posing as revolutionary groups. We issued a notice to prevent people’s money from being wasted”.

The Alliance Supervision Committee is an organization made up of the armed resistance forces in Thaton District while fighting against the military regime under the guidance of the committee.

In recent days, some armed groups have been asking for 100,000 to 2, 000,000 kyats from businessmen under the name of revolution groups, threatening to carry out bombings if they don’t pay the money in Thaton District.

Some gold businesses in Mawlamyine, Mon State, have been forced to temporarily close their shops in recent days as a result of threats from gangs disguising as revolutionary troops.

News – Than Lwin Times

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