Hpapon, August (30)

The military council and its allied Border Guard Force (BGF) have imposed strict restrictions on the movement of locals and continued inspection in KNU-held Hpapon Dictrict, the KNU’s Brigade reported.

The villagers who live in the village groups such as Mat‌aw,  Leyphihta, Katai Ti and Hti Thabalu Hta in Dwelo Township, Phapon District, must carry National Registration Cards when traveling, and if not, they will be fined 200,000 Kyats, the KNU said citing the BGF’s statement.

Besides, the joint team of junta and BGF have planted mines in the fields of the villagers and restricted movement of the villagers, the KNU Brigade 5 said.

The travelers have also subjected to stringent inspections with military council frequently arresting and abusing locals.

On 23rd and 24th of August, the miliary council conducted three artillery fire, killing one civilian and injuring another.

The regime forces invaded the KNU-controlled Hpapon-Kamaung road, and fired heavy weapons frequently, causing the villagers around the road to flee to safety.

Over 96,000 local inhabitants have been displaced due to ongoing military operations by the junta forces and BGF in the territory of the KNU’s 5th Brigade, and they are in need of humanitarian assistance, the KNU reported.

News – Than Lwin Times

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