Dawei, August (30)

In Tanintharyi Region’s Dawei Prison, there are around 300 political prisoners who have received prison sentences for taking part in the anti-regime movement, the Dawei Political Prisoners Network (DPPN) told Than Lwin Times.

The prison terms handed down to men and women political prisoners range from a minimum of two years to a maximum of life in prison.

Most of those sentenced to prison have finished their cases, but some are still facing additional charges.

An official of the Dawei Political Prisoners Network said that those who are still facing trial are worried that they will be sentenced to death because they have been charged with murder and terrorism by the military council.

There are 201 men and 80 women among the 281 political prisoners sentenced to prison in Dawei Prison.

There are currently 100 male inmates and 30 female inmates still facing charges in Dawei Prison.

Political prisoners in Dawei prison are subjected to human rights and prisoner rights violations, lack of access to full medical treatment, and surveillance.

News – Than Lwin Times

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