Ye, September (1)

A 13-vehicle military convoy was ambushed near the area between Aye Gabar and Bay Lamine villages in Mon State’s Ye Township on August 31, Taung Nyo People’s Guerrilla Force reported.

Two military personnel were killed and six others injured in the ambush attack, said in the statement of Taung Nyo PDF from Mon State.

Taung Nyo PDF from Mon State conducted the ambush attack on 13-vehicle military convoy on the way from Thanbyuzayet to Ye Township. Than Lwin Times is still trying to reach Taung Nyo PDF for comment regarding the attack on the military convoy.

Locals said they heard gunshots early in the morning and that military council convoys sped off after being attacked.

 On August 11, a military convoy was caught in a surprise attack between Painnetaw and Ywatharaye villages in Ye, with two soldiers dead and two others wounded, Taung Nyo PDF reported.

After the military coup, security has been tightened in Ye Township of Mon State because military council convoys and departmental offices have been frequently attacked.

News – Than Lwin Times

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