Khawzar, September (2)

The Southern Mon State Defense Force (MSDF-South) attacked Khaw Jae police station in Mon State’s Ye Township on September 1 as its first mission.

It is reported that junta policemen sustained injuries, but the details are still being investigated, the Mon Stage Defense Force (South) said.

This attack, called the White Elephant Operation, was the first mission since the establishment of the MSDF-S, and the comrades were able to retreat safely.

The MSDF-S is a defense force made up of Mon ethnics and the people of Mon State who are determined to continue fighting until the military dictatorship is eradicated.

According to the statement, the police station and Infantry Battalion (31) stationed in Khaw Jae, where there are many Mon people, are distributing drugs, including WY medicine, among Mon youths in the southern region and are earning from this business.

News – Than Lwin Times

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