Launglon, September (2)

The Pyu Saw Htee group, led by Chit San Maung, robbed the home of U Thein Win, a fishery businessman in Nyawpyin village in Tanintharyi Region’s Launglon Township, and took 30 ticals of gold and Ks 170 lakhs.

On August 31, around 10:00 pm, about 50 military personnel, including a strategic commander, were deployed on the road to Kyaukmawni village, while the rest of the junta forecs and members of Pyu Saw Htee led by Chit San Maung arrived in Nyawpyin village on six motorcycles and a car, robbed U Thein Win’s house.

After the heist, members of the military council led by Chy San Maung threatened to burn down the entire village if the news leaked out.

In addition, on September 1, around 6:00 am, Win Zaw Oo, a stooge of Pyu Saw leader U Lay Lay, and his group stormed the home of Ma Mee Wai, the wife of Ko Zaw Myo Oo, the deceased leader of the Pyu Saw Group in Pyingyi village of Thabawseik village in Launglon Township on September 1, and shot Ma Mee Wai to the head and took gold, cash, phones, and motorcycle.

Ma Mee Wai died of a gunshot wound to the head on the afternoon of September 1.

The Longlong and Dawei PDFs issued a warning that the military council troops are instilling fear in the people by committing violence and killings, and on the other hand, they are causing discord between the PDFs and the people.

Therefore, the PDF recommends that people stay in safe locations, store their valuables in a safe place, and be careful when going out.

According to data compiled by Than Lwin Times, at least ten houses in Launglon Township were robbed after the military coup.

News – Than Lwin Times

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