Demoso, September (3)

The number of civilians killed in Karenni State has reached 322 in 19 months from February 1 last year to August 31 this year, the Progressive Karenni People Force (PKPF) reported.

According to the PKPF statement, the 322 civilian deaths included 216 people killed by the military council and 61 killed while trying to escape the conflict.

Among the 61 refugees who died, most of them were elderly or children, and they died due to lack of medicine and food.

The displaced people in Karenni State are facing severe shortages of food and medicine, a rescue volunteer told Than Lwin Times.

According to PKPF’s statement, 151 members of the PDF and ethnic armed forces lost their lives during the clashes, while 1,499 were killed on the junta side.

In addition, the military troops burned down 25 religious facilities and 1,180 residential houses, while they had 454 clashes with resistance forces and carried out 158 airstrikes.

After the coup, more than 200,000 civilians fled the fighting between junta armed forces and the PDFs, and have not been able to return to their homes until now in Karenni State.

News – Than Lwin Times

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