Hpapon, September (3)

The Karren National Liberation Army (KNLA)’s 5th Brigade attacked and occupied a military camp in Hpapon District held by KNU, according to the sources.

The KNLA Brigade 5 captured Phawlu camp in Luthaw Township of KNU’s Hpapon Dictrict on September 2, and the military reportedly suffered some casualties.

Some ammunition, including small weapons, bullets, bombs, and walkie-talkies, was confiscated by KNLA.

Than Lwin Times could not reach KNLA spokesman for comment so far.

There are frequent exchanges of fire between KNLA Brigade 5 and a combined force of junta and BGF forces in KNU’s Hpapon District.

On August 22, KNLA Brigade 5 attacked the BGF camp in Dwelo Township and confiscated weapons and ammunition, killing four BGF soldiers and injuring two others.

Nearly 100,000 locals have fled the conflict in the Hpapon District, and they are now in dire need of humanitarian assistance, the KNU reported.

News – Than Lwin Times

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