Yangon, September (3)

Almost 1.5 million people have now left their homes as a result of the armed conflict that broke out across Myanmar following the military takeover, according to the figure released by the Institute for Strategy and Policy – Myanmar (ISP-Myanmar), a research group.

According to ISP-Myanmar, there were nearly three million displaced people and cross-border refugees due to armed conflicts in Myanmar from 1989 to August 20, 2022.

Among them, nearly half a million and a half are those who have escaped the armed conflict after last year’s military coup, according to the statement.

This figure represents 48% of all IDPs, with the Sagaing Region alone hosting around 530,000 civil war refugees, according to ISP-Myanmar.

There were at least 497,000 refugees as a result of internal armed conflicts before the coup.

Moreover, the number of refugees fleeing across the border before and after the coup is over a million.

These war refugees are living in the camps on the Myanmar-Thai border, the Myanmar-Bangladesh border and in Mizoram state, India.

According to ISP-Myanmar, this information was gathered based on statements from independent media outlets and civil society organizations, and the actual number on the ground may be higher.

News – Than Lwin Times

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