Paung, September (6)

The Regime’s Mon State council has arrested five youths for allegedly attacking a police station in Paung Twonship with a 40 mm grenade, sources close to the police told Than Lwin Times.

On the evening of September 3, an unidentified group launched a 40-mm long-range grenade strike on the police station from Sutaungpyae pagoda hill. Some structures were damaged when the bomb exploded between the police station and the Paung Administration Office.

After the attack, the police stopped and checked every pedestrian, and arrested three men and two women, accusing them of being the attackers.

“They were not caught on the day of the explosion; just four days later. The suspects are now under investigation,” the police sources said.

According to reports, the young individuals detained by the military council are firewood collectors, with two of them being Paung residents and the other three being from outside the area.

Currently, it is not known where the arrested youths are being held and interrogated by the junta, and Than Lwin Times is trying to confirm their names, ages, and whether they are the real perpetrators.

The People’s Defense Forces attacked the electricity office at least five times, but this was the first for Paung police station.

News – Than Lwin Times

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