Kyondoe, September (7)

Recently, the regime forces have clashed with the Karen National Defence Organization (KNDO) and fired mortar shells on South Kyarinn village I Kyondoe Township of Dooplaya District, held by KNU, forcing all villagers to flee, KNU Brigade 6 reported.

On September 4, fighting broke out between junta troops and KNDO Brigade 6’s Garuda Column near South and North Kyarinn in Kyondoe Township, and the junta army has been continuously firing heavy weapons into the villages.

According to the statement, two people, including a monk, were injured and houses and pagodas were damaged in the junta’s attack.

The mortar shells fired by the military council have forced all the villagers to safer locations, the KNU said.

The three soldiers were killed and two others injured in the exchange of fire between the two sides, and the military council is now reinforcing troops in North Kyarinn.

Meanwhile, a mortar shell fired by the junta exploded near a house in Kawnwe village near the Asia Highway in Kawkayeik Township, hurting livestock animals and destroying homes.

News – Than Lwin Times

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