Tanintharyi, September (9)

When the fighting took place between the two sides on the Dawei-Hia Khee route in Tanintharyi Region, more than 100 local residents were detained as human shields by the military council, the Eastern Dawei People’s Defense Force told Than Lwin Times.

On September 6, fighting broke out between the Joint PDFs and the junta army close to the village of Bawapin on the Dawei-Hia Khee route.

More than 100 residents, including adults and children, were held as human shields in the village’s monastery by the military council throughout the conflict.

An official from Dawei PDF said more than 100 people are still in custody.

Seven military personnel were killed in the clash which broke out in Bawapin village, and several villagers were held as human shields.

More than 1,200 local residents of five villages have fled to nearby jungles and relatives’ homes as a result of the conflict in Bawapin village, and they urgently require food, medicine, and shelter.

News – Than Lwin Times

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