Mawlamyine, September (16)

Democracy activists are calling for everyone to join hands to restore the democratic rights lost due to the military coup on the International Day of Democracy, which falls on September 15.

After the military coup in Myanmar, everyone’s democratic rights to freedom of living and freedom of expression have been completely lost, and the military council is trying to rule by instilling fear and arresting and torturing activists.

A democracy activist requested the people to restore the democratic rights that have been lost and to participate in the downfall of the military dictatorship.

“We’re not allowed to express ourselves. Democracy is totally lost,” So, a democracy activist said, “We appeal to the public to help those who are attempting to restore democratic rights and to overthrow the coup d’état.”

In addition, he urged the people to work in all ways in order to reclaim lost democratic rights to topple the military dictatorship that has obtained power through unfair means.

The theme for International Day of Democracy 2022 is “the importance of media freedom to democracy, peace, and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals.”

International Democracy Day has been held since September 15, 2007 with the aim of encouraging and promoting the values of human rights and human dignity.

In Myanmar, more than 15,000 pro-democracy activists have been detained after the military coup, according to AAPP, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.

News – Than Lwin Times

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