Nyaunglaybin, September (16)

The military council continues to carry out forced eviction of the villagers in the 3rd Brigade of KNU’s Nyaunglaybin District in Kawthoolei area, the KNU statement said.

On September 13, the military council told the people of Noku Village, Mone Township in KNU Brigade 3, to leave the village, and when their military column returned, they threatened to kill all villagers if they found them in the village, according to the statement.

Due to the threat of the military council, the villagers of Noku left the village, and when passing through the junta camp, the soldiers checked them and forcibly confiscated 36 phones.

In Nyaunglaybin District, junta is carrying out military operations and forcibly evicting the villagers, so all the villagers in Kyaukgyi and Mone Townships are fleeing the villages, an official from Karen social organization said.

In Noku Village, Mone Township, the Military Council reportedly forcibly evicted 945 individuals from 167 homes.

Fighting breaks out in the 3rd Brigade of the KNU Nyaunglaybin District between junta troops and KNLA/KNDO nearly every day. Currently, the number of refugees fleeing the conflict is increasing, and humanitarian assistance is urgently needed, the KNU said.

News – Than Lwin Times

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