Hpapun, September (18)

The military council sustained huge losses in a clash with Kawthoolei Army’s Brigade 5 in KNU-held Hpapun District within two weeks, KNU Brigade 5 reported.

There were 68 clashes between regime forces and KNU’s 5th Brigade in Hpapun District within two weeks, 51 junta soldiers were killed and 31 others were injured.

The 5th Brigade said that among the dead soldiers were two squadron commanders and one lieutenant, and among those who were injured were one battalion commander and two deputy battalion commanders.

One comrade from the KNLA Brigade 5 lost his life and 11 others were wounded.

On September 7, a man from Talarawkhoe village in Hpapon’s Butho Town was shot dead by the regime’s No. 1014 Border Guard Force.

The military council fired recklessly at least 32 mortar shells within two weeks, Brigade 5 said.

More than 100,000 residents have fled and haven’t returned home as a result of the fighting in the KUN-controlled Hpapon District between the Military Council and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA).

News – Than Lwin Times

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