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Welcome to Than Lwin Times’s Real vs. Fake News program.

The fake news circulating on social media about the people’s revolution movement since the military coup will be checked and identified through the Real vs. Fake News program.

Today, the news spread by military lobbyists that “PDF arrested in Kanpale village in Sagaing Region’s Kale Township” will be checked.

The military supporters began to share this news on social media on September 13.

Pro-military content is usually distributed through Telegram accounts of military lobbies—Kyaw Swar and Fifty Two News.

They spread misinformation along with photo of a young man being forced to kneel under the headline ” PDF arrested in Kanpale village in Sagaing Region’s Kale Township”.

The arrested young man’s face also has bruises from being beaten, and supporters of the military council have accused him of being a PDF comrade. is a Telegram account of a military supporter.

When Than Lwin Times checked the content of the post and found that it was just misinformation spread by fake accounts.

The Kale-based PDF unit confirmed to Than Lwin Times that the young man was not a PDF youth from the Kale People’s Defense Force, as alleged by junta supporters, but a local villager.

A local man from Kanpale village in Sagaing region’s Kale Township, was arrested on September 13 by the military council, accusing him of being a PDF, the information official from Kale PDF also responded to DVB news agency.

You can read the report of DVB news at .

Therefore, the news spread by junta supporters on the social media that ” PDF arrested in Kanpale village in Sagaing Region’s Kale Township” is just propaganda news that hides the real story.

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