Mobye, September (20)

The military council is constantly firing heavy weapons at the town of Mobye on the Shan-Kayah border and are continuously expanding their forces, the People’s Defense Force (PDF) told Than Lwin Times.

Since the evening of September 18, the junta’s Light Infantry Battalion 422 battalion and the battalions stationed in Phegon have been strengthening their troops and shelling Mobye town with heavy weapons.

There are currently very few locals remaining in the town as a result of the military council’s operations, which began on the morning of September.

A PDF official said that if the regime forces are deployed at key locations in the town, the clashes with the People’s Defense Forces could become more intense.

The military council currently has taken up positions at the focal points of the Ngwedaung Pagoda and the Catholic Church, so the fighting with the revolutionary forces may become more intense, he added.

In Mobye, the military council engaged the PDFs in a violent struggle in which they lost more than 60 soldiers, and deserted the camps while leaving their weapons and ammo behind.

On September 17, two civilians were killed by a weapon fired by the military council in Panyardae village of Loikaw township.

News-Than Lwin Times

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