Yangon, September (23)

Than Lwin Times revealed that nearly 30 people took their own lives in three months, from July to the third week of September.

Those who committed suicide were forced to do due to the livelihood problem, difficulty of surviving after the military coup and the pressure of the military council.

Among those who died of suicide were a Police Lieutenant Colonel, a policeman, the grassroots and CDM staff.

According to mental health experts, people who commit suicide are those who cannot control their minds well under stress and have no emotional resilience to increased pressure.

At present, people are committing suicide after having problems such as rising commodity prices, lack of employment opportunities, high pressure in the workplace, and poor living conditions.

Mental health experts note that the majority of those who commit suicide are those who suffer from extreme anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and alcohol or drug addiction.

More and more people are taking their own lives right now in Myanmar as a result of increased unemployment rates and commodity prices.

On the evening of August 29, a woman over the age of 20 jumped off the Pyay (Nawaday) bridge into the river with her three-year-old child, raising panic among the people.

The report of 28 suicides is based on data from local and international news outlets; the actual figure may be higher.

 News – Than Lwin Times

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