Demoso, September (24)

The Karenni Nationalties Defence Force (KNDF) said that the explosion in the munition store at the 102nd Infantry Battalion based in Ngwe Taung, where fighting is raging, was caused by an arson attack by the junta.

The KNDF released a video recording of the arson attack that occurred at the Military Council’s Ngwe Taung battalion in the afternoon of September 22.

The regime forces who were trying to put out the fire at the munition store, were attacked again by the People’s Defense Forces with long-range weapons.

The KNDF Central Information Officer told Than Lwin Times that the explosion was a self-inflicted fire by the junta and that there would be massive damage.

The 102nd Infantry Battalion, based in Ngwe Taung, is a group that constantly fires heavy weapons into the communities in Demoso Township.

In addition, the battalion is said to be an important battalion for the military council in heavy weapons operations against local defense forces.

The military council has not released any information regarding the explosion at the armory.

Currently, the fighting between the military council and the local defense forces continues to intensify in Demoso township, and the KNDF has warned the people to evacuate as the military council is firing heavy weapons into the villages.

News – Than Lwin Times

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